Growing up in the land of Kodak may have been my inspiration to photograph people and places.  I was 11 years old when Kodak and Scott paper products ran a promotion for the 110 camera.  I went crazy collecting 300 paper towel wrappers (yep, I asked every neighbor I knew) to get my very own, state of the art (at that time… 1968) camera!  I added a couple bucks for shipping and the glorious day came when I received it in the mail!  As a small child I also remember getting my hands on my grandmothers Kodak Brownie, and loved shooting family functions and events!  I have a working Brownie today that I purchased at an antique store just because of those memories.  I took to photography like a fish takes to water, and I couldn’t stop!  I’m still pegged as the family photographer.  Just try being the mother of the bride as well as the event photographer… My children wouldn’t have it any other way.

Probably the thing I will be remembered for is the fact that I birthed and raised 9 children.  I have driven them insane by photographing them!  My youngest daughter is probably the most photographed child in the country… and I still photograph her today.  She makes a great model because she is different, quirky, and usually willing.  I also do my children’s family portraits every year.  I have 4 daughters, and 5 sons.  I have put a camera in the hands of all my girls.  Why not the boys you ask… well, because the girls are interested, and they're pretty good at it.  The boys enjoy video.  They are mostly into extreme sports which I think calls for video more often than still photography, so that is where there interests lie.  I also have 16 grandchildren… we’ll see where photography takes them in the future.  

When my children were finally all grown, I decided to get more involved in my dream.  I now have my Associates Degree in Science – Photographic Technology, and hope soon to work on my Bachelors in Applied Science.  I believe that learning is a never ending job, and important to living life.  Life never stops changing, and when we learn something we love, it is something we will never forget.

Want to know more about me?  Give me a call, or send me an email at the link above.
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